The de zero Experience

Partner With us

Partner With us

Who is de zéro for?


Who indulge in one of a kind, luxury experiences that are unexpectedly intimate and creatively captivating at every turn

Brands, Media, and Entertainment Partners

Who enhance events with their content and products, creating an elevated experiential journey


Who are ready to claim their stake in the expansive future of immersive events



Virtual Pantry

Ingredients included in the 12 course meal by Chef

Brand Alignment

For the Culture, Fashion, Music, Tech, Media and Entertainment that add value to the curated experience

Culinary Product Endorsement

Cookware used by Chef explicitly to create the experience

Creative Space Partner

Ingredients include A special location that adds unique value to Chef's experienced in the 12 course meal by Chef

Social Content

Strategic marketing collaborations through Chef's social engaged audience

Culinary Book

Consisting of signature recipes, images from the experience as well as the creation of the audible portion of the meal.

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