The de zero Experience




Chef Ed Porter is an exceptional culinary artist who draws inspiration from all his senses when creating his exquisite dishes. In his upcoming venture, he will showcase his talents by seamlessly blending the auditory and culinary facets of his personality, where each delectable morsel serves as a punctuation mark in his culinary narrative. Renowned for his captivating appearances on hit shows such as “Pressure Cooker” on Netflix and the beloved “Guy’s Grocery Games” hosted by Guy Fieri, Chef Porter now unveils his latest masterpiece, “The de zéro Experience.” In this innovative culinary journey, Chef Porter shares his distinctive life experiences, delves into the profound connection between cooking and hip-hop, and explores the intricacies of managing personal relationships, parenthood, and defining one’s own path to success.


pressure cooker

Chef Ed Porter, a culinary artist who captivated audiences on the hit Netflix show “Pressure Cooker.” Living under one roof, eleven chefs use culinary skills and strategic plays in a tense cooking contest where they vote on who among them will win $100,000.  

Guy's Grocery Games

Chef Ed also knows his way around a grocery store especially after this crash course. The chefs must dig through Clearance Carts to make comfort food with mislabeled meats and unmarked cans. Next, the chefs’ strengths are put to the test, as they carry as many items as they can to make breakfast for dinner. With two chefs left, their fate is in the spin as the Food Wheel decides what components will be used in their best dish.

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