The de zero Experience


The de zéro Experience

An immersive night of music, food, and storytelling from the pioneering mind of celebrity chef and hip hop artist, Ed Porter. In one night, our illustrious host will lead 30 guests through twelve immaculately crafted courses set to twelve deeply personal original tracks, all entwined with artfully presented narratives that will surprise and delight with their interactive elements, touching emotions, and bespoke surprises.

Dine With Intention

Chef Ed Porter has crafted a complete 12 course tasting menu, each dish inspired by a song from his independently recorded album, de zéro.  Chef painstakingly selects ingredients that meet his high standards, creating bold flavors in both sound and taste reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop.

Discover a new way to consume. A new way to indulge. Reserve your seat for one truly unforgettable evening as we explore the vibrant interplay between sound, taste, and story, creating a multi-sensory experience unlike any you’ve had before.

About Chef Porter

Born in Mount Vernon, New York and raised in The Bronx, Chef Ed Porter is a  seasoned Celebrity Chef and Musician with over 29 years of experience  accentuating the entertainment and luxury dining industries. Chef brings with him an extensive background involving elite menu creations that satisfy even the  most critical of palates, concierge hospitality, and the art of forming dining  experiences that are as unique as they are memorable.  

Ed has a genuine passion for culinary and demonstrates that through his rich  innovations that result in dishes that are valued beyond the flavor itself……

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